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Riverside Hua Xia Chinese School

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我们的宗旨与目标(School Mission )
  • 为对中国语言,文化,历史感兴趣的各民族人士提供良好的学习中文环境。
  • 推动和丰富本地及内陆帝国区域华人社区的文化活动
  • 成为我们多元化社区活跃及有贡献的一份子


  • To provide an excellent learning environment to anyone of anay ethnic background who is interested in learning Chinese language, history, art, and culture.
  • To promote and enrich cultural activities in the local Chinese community and the Inland Empire region; and,
  • To be an active and contributing member of our diversified society.


学校介绍(School Overview )

圣地亚哥华夏中文学校,河滨华夏中文学校的母校,创建于1997年。她是一个非盈利,非宗教,非政治性的教育组织。其河滨分校始于2005年秋,独立于2012年,改校名为河滨华夏中文学校。开设拼音, 不同级别的中文班,双语班,及短期成人班。课程设置在周六下午1 点 至 4点。前两个小时是语言教育。第三个小时是中文趣味班,包括中式厨艺班,中式手工班,诗歌班,唱歌班,舞蹈班,及武术班。


The San Diego Huaxia Chinese School was founded in 1997 as a non-profit, non-religious, non-political educational organization. The Riverside Campus was established in fall 2005 and offers Pin-Yin and simplified Chinese classes for children at different levels, bilingual classes, and short-term adult classes. The classes are held on Saturday afternoons from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. The first two hours are spent on language classes. The third hour is for enrichment programs in Chinese culture, such as Chinese cuisine, arts and crafts, children’s poetry, games, folk songs, dancing, martial arts etc.


学校管理(Management of the School)


The mission and the operations of the school are overseen primarily by three groups: The Board of Directors, who meets on regular basis. sets the strategic direction, budget, and policies of the school; The Principal Executive Committee, consisting of the Principal, Vice Principal, and Dean, is responsible for the operations of the school; and, The school Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), provides financial and volunteer support for the school's mission and educational activities.



学校师资(School Faculty)



The school has publicly recruited, selected, and hired an excellent group of qualified bi-lingual teachers in Chinese and English.  All of our teachers, with bachelor degrees or higher, have a strong commitment to Chinese teaching and can provide an excellent learning experience for our students.




我校宣传品下载 Our School Flyer Download (PDF) 

Updated on 8/7/2014.