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Riverside Hua Xia Chinese School

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On May 19, 2013, Tina led our school's contest team to have won a group contest prize at the SCCCS coordinated Spring Academic Contest.  Congratulations!




Here're a few pictures:





















Our enthusiastic parent Mary Ann shared this news with our school and I'd like to encourage all our talented students to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.  The Musical Theater Camp offered will last for two weeks and only costs $40.  For detailed info please contact Mary Ann.







Five students, Iria Zhou, Nicole Lin, Chang Song, Kaini Chen, and Jinghan Wang, represented our school to have participated the SCCCS organized 2013 Spring Contest in Acadia High School on May 5, 2013.
















        我校三年级教师赵秋霞、五年级学生冯宸及校长马劲武代表我校师生在河滨市橄榄树公墓参加了一年一度的清明扫墓活动。此次活动是由李顺强先生(Michael Lee)领导的拯救中国城委员会(SOCC)组织的。详细报道请见



Michael, Jinwu, Eric, and Eugene      Michael, Jinwu and Eric



Eugene, Rosalind, and Jinwu             Ceremony Attendees



Amber, Michael, and other Qingming Tombing Sweeping Attendees


        Representing our school, Level 3 class teacher Amber Zhang, Level 5 student Eric Feng, and Principal Jinwu Ma attended the annual Qingming tomb sweeping ceremony today at the Olivewood cemetery.  This event was organized by the Saving Our Chinatown Committe, headed by Mr. Michael Lee.  Please see Press Enterprise's report for details.


        More pictures can be found here.






        We just got good news from Ms. Tian.  Among the students who took part at our school in Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council (OSCAOSC) coordinated China History, Geography, and Culture exam last November, three students won, and they are: Susan Su, Emily Wang, and Samuel Xu.  As a result, they're aotomatically qualified to participate in OSCAOSC-sponsored summer camp in China this summer.  Congratulations!





            On October 27, Saturday, some of our parents and teachers participated the Inland Chinese Association hosted picnic party at Lake Evans close to downtown Riverside.  In the afternoon betwen 2 and 3, about 25 students took an exam hosted by the PRC's Oversea's Chinese Administration.  After school, kids took great pleasure to have a Halloween balloon party on campus.




            On September 29, Saturday, we had a very successful celebration party on the California Baptist University campus, celebrating our school's 7th anniversary, Confucious Day, and the Chinese Moon Festival.  Students, teachers and parents enjoyed a great meal at the CBU cafeteria and its beautiful campus.


            The next day, a group of enthusiatists participated and helped at the Moon Festival Community event at the Riverside Historical House on Magnolia Street.  The event was hosted by the Riverside Metropolitan Museum.  Visitors enjoyed yummy Chinese foods including dumplings, mooncakes, of course, Chinese calligraphy, and a great moon shine!




            We have a new school logo/seal design!  Here's a preview.  Thanks go to our art teachers Li and Xie, who proposed several design ideas.  The final design shown is derived from one from Li Laoshi.



          Madarin Made Mandatory!  See a report here about a policy change in public schools in Macon, Georgia.  Is it visionary or what?

(Thanks go to Vic Morel, one of our adult Chinese learners, who shared the link.)













For those who didn't get time to register, select a Caiyi class and purchase textbooks, please arrive earlier on the school start day.


学校2012-2013新学年开学日:二零一二年九月八日,星期六,下午1 - 4点。

Our school starts on September 8, Saturday, 2012, with class time from 1 - 4 p.m.


See you all there!

Page updated on October 21, 2013.