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Riverside Hua Xia Chinese School

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 我校普通课程设置如下(Type of Classes)
1. 拼音班 (Pinyin and Pronunciation-Chinese Phonetics System)
2. 各级儿童中文班 (Simplified Chinese class for children of all ages)
3. 双语班 (Bilingual classes for those whose primary language is English) 
4. 成人中文班 (Adult Chinese class)

报名表 (Registation Form)


 学费退款规定 Tuition Refund Policy:



In case a student withdraws from our school after his/her full tuition is paid:

  • Registration Fee is not refundable
  • Tuition Refund Policy
    • Week 0 (registration date, first day of the school), 100% Refundable
    • Week 1, 100% Refundable
    • Week 2, 80% Refundable
    • Week 3, 50% Refundable
    • Week 4 (28 days since the first day of the school) and thereafter, 0% Refundable
  •  PTA Service Deposit is 
    • Week 0-3, 100% refundable
    • Week 4 and thereafter, 0% refundable

Thanks for your cooperation!


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Updated on September 4th, 2017